HeartBeats, a film by mr

I was very lucky to work with a good friend of mine on one of his animation pieces. The short piece explores a slightly sinister representation of what would happen if all heart beats became synchronised.

The direction was to create a sound world that added growing suspense to the film and to pick out key visual cues. Having heard a guide track and under his close direction, we ended up with the following:

As a composer with a strong sense of traditionalism (hope it won’t be my downfall) and more at home working in terms of orchestral textures et al, I found this project a real challenge because it forced me to think purely about sound and not just the music. Working on this piece proved that silence and space in sound is just as important a through sound. The sound here is like another actor—along with the representation of hearts; the connection lines and the particles so I felt it was really important to respect this and balance it accordingly.

I’ll dissect the musical material in a later update to this post but the ideas are very small and minimalist.

  1. barney says:

    Nice work. The animation is nice and moody and the sound design fits it well. I like how you haven’t tried to synchronise everything from the visuals. Would probably end up too mickey-mousey.

  2. How soon will you update your blog? I’m interested in reading some more information on this issue.

  3. leslieq says:

    Hi Konstantin, thanks for your interest. I hope to make an update to this site very soon — both the design and new music posts. To be honest with you, the first couple of music analysis posts are all orchestral cues for films but I will get round to writing about the sound design and music for HeartBeats.

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