New audio demos to listen to

Just uploaded a first batch of audio samples to my Audio page. Do check them out and let me know what you think. I’ll again be delving deeper into each track (orchestration, instrumentation, techniques, motifs etc) in the very near future. Some of the articles are already written, just need to find some time to prepare all the notation and audio assets required to finish off the post.

  1. Lisa says:

    Well done Leslie, can’t believe how productive you’ve been since you, sniff, deserted us!
    You were one of my favourite people at work, so seeing you go was very sad, but on the other hand very excited to see what you’ll get up to next!

    Keep in touch (I’m not just saying that!)

    Lisa xo

  2. leslieq says:

    Hey Lisa, ah what a nice comment. I have to come clean in that some of these cues were written in the months leading up to my career change. I have a load of new tracks to upload but must first sort out the copyright and then I’ll update this page.

    Missing you guys :( … Haha!

  3. Jim Well says:

    Hi Leslie -

    I noticed that you’d appeared on my Followers list on Twitter and decided to find out who you were (I get some doozies!). I’m excited to find all the great music you’ve posted here! I like the idea that you’ve used some very short snippets in many cases, instead of long pieces – because I think many people don’t have time to listen to much. Your music sounds very good – I look forward to the day when I can post as much great stuff as you’ve shared on this site.

    I’m glad we’ve made a connection. Please stay in touch (you can also catch me on SCOREcast Online, where I write a monthly column)!

    Best — Jim Well

  4. leslieq says:

    Hi Jim, many thanks for taking the time to post a comment- and indeed for such a nice comment. :) I am actually following you guys at SCOREcast and have been finding it very insightful. Jai Meghan actually recommended I watched your posts as I (though not new to composition), am also a relative noobie when it comes to writing for film/television. I’m not really in the current trend of ‘smash-and-grab’ scoring so I may be out of work for a while. Haha :) but trends come and go.

    Great to meet you anyway and I look forward to your updates on SCOREcast and Twitter.


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