I am an accomplished classically trained musician, playing Piano; (orchestral) Double Bass; arranging and composing. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with some of the world’s great orchestras, conductors, composers and soloists and played magnificent halls and venues.

I have always composed, though very much for the concert hall but have recently started turning my attention to my love of the art of great film scoring. Having also worked in a highly creative industry where visual communication is scrutinized, I am very happy to be able to marry my ever-growing understanding of visual mediums with my music to hopefully create some very thoughtful and complimentary scores.

I guess you could call me a traditionalist in that I actually score notate all my pieces fully for whatever orchestration is required (perhaps down to my classical roots as an orchestral performer). I then manage playback through Native Instruments Kontakt Player with mainly Garritan Personal Orchestra instruments. This is possibly a longer process than using midi input et al, but I find it focuses my output on music that has human performance at its core. As a professional instrumentalist, I’ve, all-too-many times had to play new pieces that bear all the hallmarks of computer music where the subtle nuances of an instrument haven’t always been understood. Don’t get me wrong, some of it is still brilliant but for me, nothing can beat human interpretation.

Alas, until I get a cracking film commission with a cracking orchestra, I’ll make do with Sibelius [but write as if for some great orchestra]. I will be posting music here too but they’ll most likely never be finished or by any means, completely polished works. I almost ‘rapid prototype’ musical ideas – a definite benefit of computers. This enables me to keep my skills sharpened and the ideas flowing – without getting bogged down with particulars. So with many of the pieces that I’ll be uploading, they will most likely seem like miniature studies in developing small fragments of musical ideas (for example, an interesting interval produced by a two-note couplet). Rapid-prototyping allows me to hopefully get my point across quickly, then move on to something else. So, that’s the important thing: getting my point across… Everything I’m doing always starts with the question of what am I trying to communicate. And it has to communicate something otherwise I’m failing miserably. That said, I really welcome your input, suggestions and comments through the usual means of emailing, messaging and posting comments on my page.

This profile will continue to evolve as I continue to grow so please, watch this space!

Thanks for reading