Scribd migration to Issuu

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Apologies everyone, the scores that I have embedded in these posts using Scribd seem be have degraded since they changed their plug-in. How annoying. Until I’m able to migrate fully to another service, you can still access the scores in much better quality over at my Issuu profile.

Thank you.

2009 Montage

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This is some of 2009 in a bite-size audio morsel. Although I haven’t been writing full-time this year, I’ve actually ended up with a lot of music—many of which have not yet seen the light of day. I needed to prepare a montage of my music for screen for some music editors. Simple enough in itself, but as I started thinking more and more about which tracks to include, it was a total nightmare. So here’s what made the cut:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Track featured are:
The Story Begins, Bicycle Music, [untitled], Breaking the C-ode, Dorian, Comedic Antics, Mischief Managed, Suspect Intuition, Festive Bustle, The Magic of Christmas (Choral), [untitled], This Is Me.

On a little aside, I’ve been battling away in Logic Pro and the EXS24 instruments for a while now trying to model a good orchestral palette. I’m definitely getting there—particularly with the challenging espressivo Strings so brace yourself for a whole bunch of big tunes I’ve wanted to upload for a while but haven’t due to bad String section rendering. The top and tail of the montage above are a little taster of my developing String tuttis.

Comments, please.

Posting my orchestrations for reference

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Right from the offset, I wanted to find a way of not only posting original audio to this blog but also making available their orchestral scores for reference. Primarily for those who are interested and/or can decipher the complexities of music manuscripts. I’d been toying around with Sibelius Scorch but found the whole user experience a difficult nut to crack – I knew I didn’t want to ask my readers to download this relatively obscure browser plug-in just to view my scores. I had to look elsewhere.

I came across a little online publishing service called Scribd quite a while ago but never really made the association that it might be the perfect vehicle to publish these manuscripts online. So I’ll be making the first manuscript post directly after this.

I’d really appreciate knowing what you think. How could I improve this offering? Could you suggest any other web technology that could do this? In the conversion process performed by Scribd, it appears that the fidelity of thin score lines are compromised. I’m looking into a solution for this.

My new Vimeo video avatar

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I really love Vimeo. Not only are they super-cool but I really believe the best new (and established) filmmakers, animators, directors and creatives are hanging out there. To top this all off (as if it couldn’t get any cooler), you can also have a motion piece as your profile avatar. He’s my quick avatar, set to the Dorian mode theme I posted previously.

If you’re on Vimeo, contact me up. It’d be good to meet you all.

New audio demos to listen to

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Just uploaded a first batch of audio samples to my Audio page. Do check them out and let me know what you think. I’ll again be delving deeper into each track (orchestration, instrumentation, techniques, motifs etc) in the very near future. Some of the articles are already written, just need to find some time to prepare all the notation and audio assets required to finish off the post.

UBS Soundscapes: Pioneers submissions

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Here’s a great opportunity for emerging composers (usually under the age of 40) to work with the London Symphony Orchestra on an original composition. This is the UBS Soundscapes: Pioneers composing scheme and well worth a look. The deadline for applications is Monday, 7th September 2009.

More details can be found here on the LSO’s vacancies page. At the time of posting, it was the last listing on the page.